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The Breaking Point

Everybody has a breaking point. Your biggest fan could one day become your most disappointed skeptic or critic, and you’ll be left wondering why. You can’t take good people for granted, disrespect them, lie to them and expect them to continually support you and build you up letdown after letdown. I’ve learned that a person who constantly casts blame on others or makes excuses for their problems are often the ones least capable of change or accountability.

Happiness comes from within, others do not dictate our suffering or insecurity, we do. I’ve been down so many long, hard and tremendously hurtful roads but my heart remains open, no matter what. I always see past people’s flaws and find beauty in them. This can be a blessing and a curse. Often optimistic empaths overstay in situations that are meant to hurt them, test them or hold them back.

However, even the most loving and loyal person (whether it be friend, partner or family member) will eventually have their breaking point, when enough is enough. Those who know me, know to never mistake my kindness for weakness. Everyone gets a nice trusting version of me in the beginning, what happens after that depends on you. Underneath the sweet, smiling exterior is a beast that sleeps within. There is a cobra hidden beneath the sleeve on which my heart lies. Once my heart turns cold… you’re left only to deal with the cobra.

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